Monday, December 14, 2009

Episode 121 - Soulless ?

Empty eyes

No hopes, no dreams / Nothing / Nothing at all

Lost or Gone

My eyes stare at me and void is all I see

I am numb

There is no light / Words might as well overlap / Randomly

Barely conscious

I am numb

Rip - Brake - Cut

My guts - My bones - My flesh

Punch me

Treat me with physical pain
Anything to surpass this

There is no light at all / The lights are off; the room is dark / Literally

A hand trembles from left to right

My own blurry shadow


Check me up

And then prove me wrong


  1. Well this post is proof that you have a soul.

    Quite a physical post this.

    A lot of people need to be reminded that they are alive. Pain is one way of course but the drawbacks are more than the rewards.

    I prefer sports myself - pain comes afterwards and in just the right dosage

  2. People you have never met care if you're feeling bad (i.e. people who simply read your posts). Please don't be hard on yourself.

  3. I don't really know how to comment back to you, alla pragmatika euxaristo gia to endiaferon... Mi mou dinete kai polli simasia, mia pano mia kato eimai... kai mallon ligo drama queen :) ah well, merry xmas !