Sunday, September 20, 2009

Episode 120 - Decomposed

What sort of a person am I

Even for just a sec

I wished for my parents to be dead

Only so that I could end my life with no regrets

Rotten and sick

Painfully remorseful

Aching to avoid pain

I plead for the easiest path

They say there is a light showing you your way out

I weep for I am blind

I chose to be blind


The blame is on me I guess

Loved ones and adored ones

I salute you

Have no worries, you were good

The blame is on me I said

Since all I am is

Rotten and Sick


  1. korou ferta milia sou! en patsous pou theleis! Eperasamen oulloi sigxismenes asximes faseis kai twra eimasten mia xara. Enna to peraseis tzai sy. Eisai pou tous pio talantouxous, prosntouxous kai koinwnika epideksious anthrwpous pou egnwrisa potte, en nomizw na pan xamena touta oulla..enna ta xrisimopoiiseis se kapoia fasi.

  2. Αν και καταθλιπτικό, το πόστ σου εν ωραίο. Ελπίζω να ευθυμήσεις...

  3. Why are you so hard on yourself?